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About US

CanadianBlackBusiness.com is a website created by Montreal area software and web developer Gregory Forde. The purpose of this website is to encourage economic growth within the national Black community of Canada. It is intended to increase and prolong the circulation of money within the Black community.

What is Money Circulation?

Money circulation is the currency used to conduct transactions between consumers and businesses. The circulation of money within a community is a key component to economic growth. The longer money circulates within a community the richer that community becomes.

Studies show that in Canada, money circulates one time in the Black community, and nine times in the Asian community. In white neighborhoods, money circulates nearly an unlimited number of times. In part, this explains the wealth gap for Black communities.

Further research suggests that the average lifespan of the dollar is approximately 28 days in Asian communities, 19 days in Jewish communities, 17 days in white communities — and just six hours in Black communities.

In order for money to circulate longer, Black communities need to reinvest their money into Black owned businesses. CanadianBlackBusiness.com aims to address this problem by putting Black owned businesses in touch with consumers and putting a spotlight on the national Black economy.